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Esperanza EH178 Microphone with clip
  • Esperanza EH178 Microphone with clip
  • Esperanza EH178 Microphone with clip
  • Esperanza EH178 Microphone with clip

"Esperanza EH178" mikrofonas su spaustuku

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Esperanza EH178 Clip-on Microphone

The Esperanza EH178 clip-on microphone is the ideal solution for those looking for high quality sound in a compact and versatile device. This sleek, black microphone offers excellent audio clarity over a frequency response of 40Hz-16kHz and a precise sensitivity of -52dB ± 5dB, making it ideal for a variety of audio applications. Its versatility is further enhanced by a 1.5-meter cable and the ability to connect to various devices via a standard 3.5mm microphone port.

Versatility of connection

The Esperanza EH178 microphone is extremely versatile thanks to its standard 3.5mm (mini Jack) connector, allowing for quick and easy connection to various devices. Whether you use a computer, laptop or other audio equipment, this microphone guarantees compatibility and ease of use. It is an excellent choice for professionals and amateurs who need a reliable microphone that works with a variety of equipment.

Excellent sound quality

With a frequency response range of 40Hz to 16kHz and a sensitivity of -52dB ± 5dB, the Esperanza EH178 microphone provides exceptional audio clarity. This is crucial, whether you're chatting online or recording audio. This high quality sound transmission ensures that every detail can be heard and the sound remains clear and natural.

Comfort and practicality of use

The mini clip-on microphone is an excellent solution for users who value convenience. Thanks to its small size and clip attachment, the microphone can be easily clipped to clothing, providing great freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, the 1.5-meter cable allows the microphone to be freely positioned in relation to the device to which it is attached.



Brand Esperanza
Model EH178
Color Black
Frequency response 40Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity -52dB ± 5dB
Cable length 1.5m
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