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UV filtras PGYTECH, skirtas DJI Osmo Pocket / Pocket 2 (P-19C-065)

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Professional filters for perfect shots

Filters for the Osmo Pocket and Osmo Pocket 2 camera have been created for people who care about perfect shots. They are all made of high-quality SCHOTT optical glass, and their coating is highly resistant to all kinds of scratches and liquids.


UV filter

The UV filter is made of German SCHOTT glass, which protects the lens from UV light getting into the camera. This ensures that your shots will reflect beautiful, natural colors.


ND filter

The ND filter prevents overexposure of your photos, and the colors of your subjects are saturated, which is ideal for shooting fog or night light trails. When shooting video, the ND filter gives a blur effect, for example, when recording cars while driving, so that your shots take on a film-like quality.


Filter (ND4-ND32) 2-5 stops

Filter (ND4-ND32) 2-5 stops is ideal for shooting videos as it reduces ambient light and focuses on the subjects being recorded, resulting in smooth shots.


Filter (ND64-ND512) 6-9 stops

Filter (ND64-ND512) 6-9 stops reduces light entering the lens for excellent shots of desired subjects. The filter is ideal for very bright conditions, reducing overexposed areas and balancing ambient light. It is ideal for longer exposures and motion blur.
The ND filter is a 4-in-1, perfect for motion photography. You no longer have to change filters to achieve perfect shots. Just twist one filter and you're done.


CPL Filter

The CPL filter eliminates glare from the surface of objects that reflect light, for example, from snow, water or glass. The result is shots that are sharp and saturated with color. Simply twist the filter for a polarizing effect and you're ready to go. Enjoy perfect shots with the CPL filter.


ND-CPL filter

The combination of ND and CPL filters removes reflections caused by reflected light, making shots crisp and saturated in color. Prevents overexposure of photos giving a film-like blur effect. For a polarizing effect, twist the filter.


Solid performance

The aluminum frame makes the filter weigh only 1.5g and is very durable. Because it is lightweight, it does not affect the calibration of the drone. The German SCHOTT glass makes the filter non-reflective and the colors are saturated. In addition, applying and changing the filters is very easy because they are held on by a magnet.




Filters Photo/Video
Filter Effect Lens protection/UV filter
Color TemperatureNeutral

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