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Priekinis žibintas Superfire HL07, 320lm, USB

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Superfire HL07 headlamp flashlight

The functional Superfire HL07 headlamp is equipped with a powerful 1200 mAh battery that provides up to 4.5 hours of operation. With a brightness of up to 320 lumens, 5 light modes and IP67 water resistance, it's perfect for many applications. With a flexible headband and motion sensor, the device is also extremely convenient to use. Adjust it to your needs and enjoy optimal illumination regardless of the situation. 

It will serve you for a long time

To guarantee you the reliability of the flashlight, the manufacturer has equipped it with a powerful battery with a capacity of as much as 1200 mAh. Its charging with the help of an ordinary USB cable takes only 4 hours. After that, the device can serve you perfectly for up to 4.5 hours! This is long enough to provide you with an excellent source of light and safety in the dark.

It will perfectly illuminate any space

The flashlight is perfect for a variety of terrains. It can emit focused or diffused light, so it can effectively illuminate an area both at a distance and close to you. Such a comprehensive operation of the device makes you successfully use it in almost any situation - it will be your reliable source of lighting in any space! Its maximum range of illumination is up to 90 m.

Choose from 5 modes of operation

With 5 modes of operation, you can easily adjust the operation of the flashlight to the situation and your needs. The device can shine strongly or weakly in spotlight mode (with up to 5 W) or floodlight mode (with up to 3 W). You also have the option to set it to provide strong illumination in spotlight and floodlight modes simultaneously. All of this makes the HL07 successful for use at home, outdoors or in the workshop.

Easy to operate

Operation of the device is facilitated by a built-in motion sensor. To start the flashlight, just wave your hand in front of it at a distance of up to about 10 cm. What's more, a special button allows you to switch light modes quickly and conveniently. With its help you can also turn off HL07.

Adjust it to the situation

Superfire also gives you the possibility to adjust the angle of the flashlight in the range of 0-45°. This way you can easily adjust it to your needs and preferences. Adjust it to provide you with optimal illumination in any situation. No longer do you have to limit yourself to just one unchanging angle of light!

Don't be afraid of the rain

The flashlight also features IP67 waterproof rating. This means that it will not be harmed by splashing or rain. Thanks to this, you can use its capabilities in almost any conditions without fear. With Superfire you will be sure that you will not run out of light in any situation!

It will provide you with extraordinary convenience

Superfire HL07 is also an unparalleled comfort of use. The flashlight weighs only 85 g and is equipped with a flexible, skin-friendly band. So you can wear it for long periods of time without even the slightest concern - no danger of fatigue or headaches. It will easily free your hands and give you the ability to carry out effective activities also after dark - you will certainly not run out of light! 

Use it where you want and how you want

What distinguishes HL07 is the multiplicity of its possible applications. You will successfully use it for hiking, action or running after dark. You can also take it camping or fishing. It will also come in handy when your car breaks down during a night trip - proper lighting will help you repair it. The use of the flashlight is also facilitated by a special hook, which allows you to hang the device in the desired place and turn it into a practical lamp.


Manufacturer Superfire
Model HL07
Light source LED
Rated power 5W (spotlight)/3W (floodlight)
Range up to 90 m
Degree of protection IP67
Material TPR + PC + ABS
Weight 85 g
Operating time up to 4,5 h
Dimensions 58x45x38 mm
Capacity 1200 mAh
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