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Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600
  • Gaming chair RGB Darkflash RC600

Žaidimų kėdė RGB Darkflash RC600

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RGB Darkflash RC600 gaming chair

Take care of your comfort while playing games or working at your computer. The Darkflash RC600 gaming chair offers a specially contoured backrest and a soft, comfortable seat. Thanks to this you will easily maintain the correct posture and ensure your comfort! The product is also distinguished by a wide 410mm base with large 63mm diameter casters. You can also tilt the seat up to 180° and adjust its height and armrests (in 3 planes). An additional advantage is the upholstery made of PU and PVC plastics.


Enjoy comfort

The right chair is almost an indispensable piece of equipment for gamers or simply people who spend a lot of time at the computer. The RC600 is characterized by a contoured backrest that will provide you with comfort and help you maintain proper posture. In addition, the soft seat made of high-density foam allows you to enjoy comfort even during prolonged use. The upholstery of the chair was created from breathable PU and PVC materials, so it is very pleasant to the touch and does not cause sweating.


Improved base design

The RC600 chair is also distinguished by an improved 410mm wide base. This allows it to provide greater stability and impressive lifting capacity. Also noteworthy are the sturdy 63mm diameter casters. They have passed demanding durability tests, and durable, damage-resistant materials have been used in their construction. They also feature great mobility - they will allow you to move freely on any surface.


Tailored to you

Ensure even greater comfort. The RC600 allows you to adjust the armrests in 3 planes - up / down, back / front and swivel at a specific angle. Adjust them to your needs and enjoy comfort! You can also adjust the height of the chair and its tilt from 90-180°. What's more, the product uses top-notch mechanisms that guarantee smooth adjustment and reliable stability in any configuration.

Brand Darkflash
Model RC600
Type of foam High density polyurethane foam
Structure Diameter: 19mm, metal bracket, BIFMA compliance
Cladding PU (front) + PVC (back)
Armrests 3D, compliance with BIFMA standard
Adjustment of armrests Up / down, front / back, swivel
Swivel range 90° - 180°
Type of tilt mechanism Y19 Butterfly, compliance with BIFMA standard
Gas lift class 80 mm compliance with BIFMA standard, EN1335, LGA DIN4550, class 4
Backlighting No
Base Radius: 370mm, matte metal, compliance with BIFMA standard
Diameter of casters 63mm
Dimensions 64.5 x 62 x 126-132cm
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