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"Edifier S3000 PRO" garsiakalbiai 2.0 (rudi)

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Edifier S3000 Pro

The Edifier S3000 Pro multimedia speakers are a revelation in the music realm. Certified Hi-Res audio quality and a 6.5" bass unit offers maximum transmission clarity, eliminating any annoying noises. Improved tweeter design with planar diaphragm allow for detail-rich, stable sound and excellent acoustic range. The available 4 modes are sure to serve you in any situation and meet your expectations. Wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to remotely connect to most models on the market.

Advanced innovation

The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 version and Qualcomm aptX HD decoding system. This means that the S3000 Pro have a wide range of compatibility with many accessories. The numerous built-in ports include: USB, Line In, Balance, as well as optical and coaxial inputs. No need to fumble with cables for reliable and lossless transmission. Connect your equipment with Bluetooth module and get instant and reliable signal transfer without any interference.


Satisfied quality standards

In the process of creation, elements were used that were previously dedicated only to professional equipment. Hi-Res audio certified speakers guarantee a wide frequency range, adjusting the tonality to the current mode of operation. In addition, the bass driver and tweeter, together with the aluminium cone, are responsible for noise-free, crystal-clear sound. DSP-based dynamics control, an electronic crossover, and a class-D amplifier deliver a handful of unforgettable immersive experiences while listening to your favorite tunes.


Say goodbye to annoying interference

Wondering why S3000 PRO speakers process audio signals so perfectly? Sound of extraordinary quality is obtained with the advanced XMOS x Core200 processor, which supports USB bitrates of up to 24bit/192kHz. Furthermore, the use of Kleernet technology allows for completely lossless, interference-free wireless signal transmission. The 5.8G bandwidth contributes to exceptional stability, and the DNA (Detect and Avoid) solution provides the ability to detect and then eliminate errors.


Many possibilities

Whatever your needs, Edifier can adapt even better to challenging situations. Switch effortlessly between four modes such as Classic, Monitor, Dynamic and Vocal. These four sound modes are designed to emphasize distinctive tones in different genres of music and sound. You can try out all the settings at any time and ensure hours of entertainment by starting an immersive TV series or watching concerts of your idols.

Convenient operation from anywhere

A functional remote control is included for remote control, giving you full control from a distance. Individually adjust the treble, bass, or volume without moving from your comfortable chair. With just a movement of one hand, you can turn the power on and off, pause/resume playback, rewind a song, select an audio source or one of the modes.

Elegant matte finish

The dark wooden casing is combined with modern hi-tech features for a classic, sophisticated look. It will work great as a tasteful addition in a stylishly decorated room. Planar speakers are responsible for more detailed, delicate tones, so you can enjoy the same quality music throughout your home.


Brand: Edifier
Model: S3000 PRO
Output power: R/L (high notes): 8 W + 8 W; R/L (mid and bass): 120 W + 120 W
Signal-to-noise ratio: R/L: ≥85 dB (A)
Frequency response: R/L: 38 Hz - 40 kHz
Audio Inputs: Line In, Balance, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, USB
Input sensitivity: Line In: 600 ±50 mV; Balance: 1000 ±50 mV; OPT/COAX: 400 ±50 mFFs; Bluetooth: 450 ±50 mFFs; USB: 400 ±50 mFFs
Bass driver: 6.5-inch (179 mm) aluminum alloy diaphragm
Tweeter Driver: 107 x 107 mm, planar with a silk membrane
Dimensions: 232 x 356 x 268 mm
Weight: 21,1 kg
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