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Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S
  • Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S
  • Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S
  • Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S
  • Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S
  • Bezšňůrový tyčový vysavač INSE R3S

Akumuliatorinis lazdinis dulkių siurblys INSE R3S

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45,27 €
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INSE R3S Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The INSE R3S cordless upright vacuum cleaner is a versatile device. Its unique design allows for both standard upright vacuuming with a wand and compact handheld vacuuming, adapting to your current needs. Equipped with an advanced three-stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter, cyclone separation system, and a large 0.8L dust tank, it provides unparalleled performance and hygiene. Additionally, the set includes 9 different nozzles, expanding its capabilities, and protection against overheating greatly extends its lifespan. All these advantages, combined with low noise levels, lightweight design, and powerful suction, make the INSE R3S vacuum cleaner an ideal choice for every household.

Versatile Usage

The INSE R3S vacuum stands out for its versatility. The ability to quickly switch between an upright and handheld vacuum makes it the perfect solution for thorough floor cleaning and quick clean-ups on furniture or in hard-to-reach places. This flexibility, combined with the device's lightweight design (only 1.7kg), makes it an incredibly practical tool in any home.

Advanced Filtration System

The key feature of the INSE R3S vacuum cleaner is its three-stage filtration system. The first stage is the HEPA filter, which effectively removes allergens and fine dust particles from the air. Then, the cyclone separation system separates larger contaminants, while the large 0.8L dust tank collects all impurities. This solution guarantees high cleaning efficiency and maintains clean air in your home.

Extensive Accessory Set

The set of 9 different nozzles included with the INSE R3S vacuum significantly expands its functionality. Each nozzle is designed for various tasks, from deep cleaning carpets to gentle cleaning of furniture and detailed cleaning in tight corners. This makes the vacuum an extremely versatile tool capable of tackling any challenge.

Overheat Protection

The INSE R3S vacuum comes with an overheat protection system that ensures the safety and longevity of the device. This feature not only safeguards the motor from damage but also doubles the vacuum cleaner's lifespan, ensuring it serves you for many years. This is particularly important for those who expect reliability and durability from their cleaning appliances.

Package Contents

  • Vacuum Cleaner x 1
  • Wand x 1
  • Cleaning Head x 1
  • HEPA Filter x 2
  • Long Nozzle x 1
  • Brush x 1
  • Interchangeable Nozzle x 9
  • User Manual


Brand INSE
Model R3S
Color Blue
Suction Power 16kPa
Cord Length 6m
Dust Tank Capacity 0.8L
Noise Level 80dB
Weight 1.7kg
Prekė detaliau
70 Prekės


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