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Dirbtuvių žibintuvėlis "Superfire G7", 1000lm, USB

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Superfire G7 workshop flashlight

The Superfire G7 double-sided folding workshop flashlight provides excellent illumination with a total brightness of up to 1600 lm. Thanks to its swivel design, it can shine in 3 ways, allowing you to adjust its operation to your needs. You will charge the battery with a capacity of as much as 5,000 mAh with the help of an ordinary USB cable, which, combined with the durability and light weight of the device, means that you can always have it at hand and use its capabilities without much trouble.

3 ways of use - choose the best one for each situation

It is possible to use the headlight in 3 different ways. It can shine bi-directionally, as well as provide double or single illumination on one side. You decide how it should serve you. Take it camping, use it as an emergency source of eye-safe light, or use it when you're repairing your car on the side of the road at night - the G7 will help you in every need!

Set it up how you want it

What makes the device so delightfully versatile? A perfectly thought-out design! Its dual head can be rotated 360° and adjusted 180°. That's not all! You also have the ability to adjust the angle of the flashlight up to 270°. This gives you incredible flexibility - you can easily adjust the G7 to your needs!

It will serve you as long as you need

The device is equipped with a powerful 5000 mAh battery, which provides an impressively long runtime. When both lights are on, it is up to 6 hours. On the other hand, when you use only one light, the G7 can shine for up to 12 hours! The headlamp is also equipped with 2 USB ports - charging and discharging, which gives you plenty of options. This allows you to charge your phone, for example!

It is not even afraid of impacts

The flashlight is characterized by extreme durability. Special protective elements on its corners protect it from damage. All this means that possible impacts pose little threat to the G7. Even a fall from a height of up to 1 m will not be particularly dangerous for it! In addition, the device is resistant to minor splashes. Therefore, you will use it in almost any situation without fear.

It will provide you with safety of use

The G7 has been properly protected from the inside as well. This ensures reliable, stable operation regardless of the conditions. Changes in voltage or atmospheric conditions have little effect on its operation. The DC circuit of the device guarantees the safety of use and the certainty that everything will work as it should.

Many application possibilities

Thanks to its versatility, the Superfire G7 will be ideal for many applications. Need to repair your car after dark? A camping trip with family or friends? The need to gain a source of light at a nighttime food stand? The workshop flashlight is perfect for use in these and many other situations!


Manufacturer Superfire
Model G7
Battery Polymer-ion rechargeable battery 5000 mAh
Luminous flux Double 1600 lm/Single 1000 lm
Weight 560 g
Dimensions 200x195x60 mm (unfolded); 200x145x60 mm (folded)
Power 2x 10W
Range 50 m (dual mode); 38 m (single mode)
Operation time 6 h (dual mode); 12 h (single mode)
Drop resistance Up to 1 m
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