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UGREEN HD131 HDMI 2.0 2 m kabelis (pilkas)

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HDMI cable UGREEN HD131 - reliable connection

The HDMI cable UGREEN HD131 guarantees a reliable, fast connection as well as excellent picture and sound quality. It supports 4K resolution and stereo audio. The built-in signal amplification chip is responsible for the quality of transmission, and the high quality materials used in the production process ensure long product life.





Fantastic image quality

The ability to display a 4K @60Hz image makes you delight in the richness of details and clarity of colors. Watching movies or photos, you will easily see almost everything - you will not miss even the smallest detail.





Surrounding you with sound

The product also allows you to play 3D stereo sound. Thanks to that it provides unique listening experience and incredible immersion. Playing your favorite games or watching movies, you will almost completely immerse yourself in their world - a truly memorable experience.





Say goodbye to too weak signal

Forget about transmission problems. The cable has a special amplification chip built in, which allows for an even more stable and fast connection. Weak signal will no longer be your problem - UGREEN HD131 will amaze you with its reliable operation.





Instantaneous transmission

Equipped with triple protection, the copper core conducts the signal perfectly. Thanks to it, an instant and stable transmission is possible. Delays and other problems of this kind won't spoil your mood anymore - the UGREEN HD131 cable will make it easy to watch a movie, play a game or finish work.





Work and rest as you like

Use 2 displays in different modes to ensure your comfort and efficiency in every situation. Duplicate the image or expand the screen depending on what you do and how comfortable you will be. Watch movies and series, work and even play dynamic games - the UGREEN HD131 cable will suit any situation.





Durability and comfort of use

The braided shell made of durable nylon protects the cable from damage. It is extremely resistant to abrasion, scratches or bending. At the same time, it is distinguished by its compactness and thickness of only 5 mm, which makes storing the product very simple and convenient.





Name HDMI 2.0 Carbon Fiber Zinc Alloy Cable
Model HD131
Resolution 4K/60Hz
Conductor Tinned copper
Chipset HT8181
Length 2m


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