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Oro sausintuvas "Deerma" DEM-CS50MW

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Get rid of excessive humidity and stay healthy


Take care of your health with the small Deerma CS50MW dehumidifier. Too much humidity in the air can be dangerous for people - so it is worth trying to keep it at the proper level. This small, practical device is perfect for areas of up to 5 m2, such as small cabinets or closets. It is also designed not to produce waste - so it is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the use of high-quality dehumidifying particles, it can work continuously for up to 2-3 weeks.





Try eco-friendly solutions


Standard dehumidifiers require replaceable absorbent cartridges that become obsolete and need to be thrown away. The CS50MW is different and much more environmentally friendly. The device is equipped with a PTC system consisting of 3 ceramic elements that evenly heat and dry the moisture-absorbing particles so that they can be ready for use again after some time. They are also non-toxic and efficient, absorbing up to 150 ml of water at a time. With the Deerma CS50MW you take care of both your health and the environment!





 Easy access to vital information


The need to dry the moisture-absorbing particles is indicated by a change in their color. Orange colour means that they are dry and can work normally. When their color changes to dark green, it is a signal that they are already too wet and need to be dried. The device is equipped with a special screen where you can see the particles - so you only need one glance to know when to turn the heating on.



It dehumidifies the air effectively


The innovative design of the product makes it stand out for its considerable efficiency. Thanks to its cylindrical design, the CS50MW absorbs moisture from all sides, acting in a 360° radius. It can dehumidify the air over larger areas than standard devices of this type. With its help, you can easily create a safe and healthy environment in your home.



It will surprise you with its efficiency


The device contains up to 600g of humidity-absorbing particles. There are so many of them that after one drying they can work effectively for up to 21 days. Their heating lasts 12-15 hours. Forget about inefficient, low-quality dehumidifiers that contribute to environmentally dangerous waste. Deerma CS50MW will surprise you with its long working time and reliability!


Designed with the highest care for details

The product combines high efficiency with perfectly thought-out design. The CS50MW is really small - its dimensions are only 75x206 mm. You can easily place it wherever you want without worrying that it will take up too much space. The base of the device allows it to be placed steadily, and the perforated casing ensures steady and efficient absorption of humidity. The dehumidifier is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic, so you can enjoy absolute safety while using it





Brand Deerma
Model CS50MW
Charging time Approx. 12-15h
Rated power 20W
Dimensions 75 x 75 x 206 mm
Weight 0.59kg
Material ABS
Colour white
Area of operation up to 5m2



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