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"Baseus I-Wok" lempa monitoriui su jutikliniu skydeliu (juoda)

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Baseus desk light

The best light for working at a desk is daylight. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to access it all day long. A great solution is an ergonomic Baseus lamp, which will help us by providing an artificial light source. Nowadays computers are essential for work, learning and games. Unfortunately, ill-fitting light can do a lot of harm and strain the organ of sight. The i-wok lamp is a great help. It takes up little space, but effectively illuminates the desk and computer keyboard.

Safe and functional

The light thrown by the lamp is not directed directly at the screen, but reflects on the monitor and does not create reflections. The light is free from the threat of blue light, visual strobe effect and provides better eye protection. The lamp has passed numerous certificates, including: IEEE, IEC, FCC, RoHS and EU Blue Light RGO test. The blue light filter provides relief to the eyes, even during long night work. This is also thanks to the built-in 80 spotlights.


Convenient operation
The kit includes a USB cable type C, which allows you to connect the lamp. This also allows you to freely connect it to a computer, charger or powerbank port and provide a permanent source of light. Mounting the equipment on the top edge of the computer screen is simple and fast, no additional tools are required. Through the adjustment option you can easily adjust the width of the terminal to the size of the component. Finishing of the lamp is simple and smooth, made of light luxury material of aluminum alloy. It takes up no space on the desk.


Stable construction
The concern for optimal lighting of the workplace should be something obvious. The lamp itself must be matched not only in terms of the brightness of the light, but also in terms of the color of the light itself. The unique design of the handle and rotating shape was adopted on the basis of requirements for lighting the workplace. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain appropriate and uniform lighting of the desk and monitor. The lamp has 3 unique modes to find the perfect light in any situation. At the same time, it minimizes the risk of disturbing people who will also be in the room.
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Impressive details

The device is equipped with modern LEDs, which ensure long life and low power consumption. Installation is very easy and fast, using a gravitational handle. The brightness adjustment is infinitely variable. Elements made of soft silicone prevent any scratches on your laptop or monitor. The control buttons are located on the casing - smooth dimming button, light source adjustment, on/off switch.

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Manufacturer Baseus
Model i-wok Series USB Stepless Dimming Screen Hanging Light (Youth)
Product code DGIWK-B01
Number of lamps per package 1 piece
Material Aluminum + PC
Color Black
Power 5W (Max)
Input current 5V / 2A
Weight 500g
Color temperature 2900-5000 K
Size 464 × 100 × 38 mm
Assembly method Overlay on monitor
Brightness control Through touch panel (3 modes)

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