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"Habotest HT206A" skaitmeninis gnybtų matuoklis

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Habotest HT206A digital clamp meter

The functional clamp meter by Habotest guarantees precise measurement, the results of which are displayed on an easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen. The size of the jaws is up to 26mm, which allows for comfortable operation of the device. The HT206A is also equipped with a flashlight, which makes it easier to work in dark rooms.


Measures various parameters

With this universal meter you can check the value of many different parameters. Using the HT206A, you can measure AC voltage, AC current and resistance, among other things. But that's not all! You can also easily check continuity and true RMS.


Clear, practical display

The meter is equipped with an LCD display with backlight in 2 colors. You will find on it not only the measurement results, but also for example a low battery indicator. This way you can comfortably use the HT206A. What's more, the backlight will turn orange when the measured voltage exceeds 80V and the measured current exceeds 3A.


Easy to use in all conditions

The built-in flashlight provides bright illumination, so you can work even in dark places with ease. The operation of the device is also facilitated by intuitive buttons, with which, among other things, you can quickly and conveniently select the function, use the MAX/MIN measurement option, as well as turn the light on or off. An additional advantage of the meter is the option of storing data.





Brand Habotest
Model HT206A HT206D
DC voltage measurement range 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V ±(0,5%+5) 600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0,5%+5)
AC voltage measurement range 4V/40V/400V/600V ±(1.0%+5) 6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+5)
DC current measurement range Not applicable 60A/600A ±(2.5%+5)
AC current measurement range 4A/40A/600A ±(2,5%+8) 60A/600A ±(2,5%+5)
Resistance measurement range 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ ±(1.0%+5) 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ ±(1.0%+5)
Capacitance measurement range 4nF/40nF/400nF/4μF/40μF/400μF/4mF ±(4.0%+5) 10nF/100nF/1μF/10μF/100μF/1mF/10mF/100mF ±(4.0%+3)
Frequency measurement range Not applicable 10Hz/100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz/1MHz/10MHz ±(1.0%+3)
Duty measurement range Not applicable 1%-99% ±(3,0%+3)
Temperature measurement range Not applicable -40°C-1000°C ±(1.0%+2);
-40°F-1832°C ±(1.0%+2)
Counts 4000 6000
Auto/manual range Auto Auto
Continuity Yes, sound and light alarm Yes, sound and light alarm
Diode test Yes Yes
Data hold Yes Yes
NCV No Yes, audible and light alarm
Backlight Yes Yes
Flashlight Yes Yes
DCA Zero No Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes
Auto power off Yes Yes
True RMS Yes Yes
LPF No Yes
LowZ No Yes
Power supply 2x AAA 1.5V batteries (included) 2x AAA 1.5V batteries (included)
Weight About 260g About 260g
Dimensions 193x73x34mm 193x73x34mm
Size of jaws 26x44mm 26x44mm
Safety EN61010-1 -2-030; EN61010-2-033, EN61326-1 CAT III 600V EN61010-1 -2-030; EN61010-2-033, EN61326-1 CAT III 600V



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