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Vysavač pro péči o domácí mazlíčky INSE P20
  • Vysavač pro péči o domácí mazlíčky INSE P20
  • Vysavač pro péči o domácí mazlíčky INSE P20
  • Vysavač pro péči o domácí mazlíčky INSE P20
  • Vysavač pro péči o domácí mazlíčky INSE P20

INSE P20 naminių gyvūnėlių priežiūros dulkių siurblys

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INSE P20 Pet Fur Care Vacuum

INSE P20 pet hair vacuum is an innovative solution that will make taking care of the cleanliness and health of your pet's fur easier and more efficient. With the included accessories, you can comb, comb and shear the fur. Equipped with four razor attachments and an easy-to-clean brush, this vacuum provides comprehensive grooming for pets during every fur season. Plus, with its low noise level and large dust tank capacity, the INSE P20 is friendly to both pets and their owners.

Combing and Grooming Function

The INSE P20 Vacuum comes with specially designed brushes that effectively comb and groom the fur, helping to maintain your pet's fur in excellent condition. This function makes it easy to remove tangled hairs and reduce the amount of fur in your home, especially during shedding periods. The grooming process becomes not only efficient but also enjoyable for your pet.

Impressive Suction Power

With a suction force of 17,000 Pa, the INSE P20 vacuum cleaner allows you to thoroughly and effectively remove loose fur from a roping pet, as well as other dirt. All this without the risk of irritating the pet's skin, which is especially important for sensitive or less tolerant pets.

Easy Cleaning

The grooming brush is designed for user-friendliness and maintenance. With a button that quickly retracts the brush teeth, cleaning the device from remaining fur is incredibly simple and fast. This feature greatly facilitates device hygiene and ensures that it is always ready for use.

Versatility with Clipper Attachments

Four clipper attachments (6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm) are included with the vacuum, allowing precise fur trimming to different lengths. This versatility makes the INSE P20 device perfect for various fur types and grooming needs, offering the option to customize the trim length to individual preferences.

Low Noise Level and Large Dust Tank Capacity

The INSE P20 vacuum stands out with its low noise level (up to 60dB), minimizing stress and anxiety for pets during grooming. Additionally, with a dust tank capacity of 1.2 liters, the device allows for prolonged use without frequent emptying, which is convenient and practical for owners.

Package Contents:

Vacuum x 1

Hose x 1

Brush/Nozzle x 6

Clipper Attachment x 4

Instruction Manual x 1

Quick Introduction x 1

Manufacturer INSE
Model P20
Total power 350 W
DC brushless motor 10,000 rpm
Dirt container capacity 1,2 L
Weight 4.26 kg
Noise level up to 60 dB
Suction force 17 000 Pa
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